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Some people might say, “But I never use my pool.” Yes you do! You SEE your pool every time you look at the backyard! Your pool can be a beautiful statement of design with blended architecture matching your home and living environment. The water in the pool creates movement, beauty in reflection, and a sense of calm. Just being near water increases dopamine levels! Being in water can aid to healing mentally and physically. Why not make your pool an extension of your personality and likes?

Your pool and spa renovation can include beautiful waterline tile, inviting and durable pebble finish, timeless stone coping, and decking. An addition of a spa or altering the pool depth and adding a lounging shelf will modernize your pool. Whether you want an entirely new look or an upgrade to your filtration and pumping system, SwimTech, Inc Pool & Spa can help transform and update your pool to suit your style. Concerned about what will look good? Let us professionally work with you and your tastes and budget to bring the best solution. When you choose SwimTech, Inc Pool & Spa we can bring samples to you to see them in person next to your pool and your home.

A beautiful well operating pool could include:

  • Resurface pools and spas with pebble finishes
  • Re-tile with expert installations
  • New and upgraded coping
  • Freshen your decking with Sundek quality deck coatings
  • Replace broken and discolored concrete decking
  • Add a swim shelf or a spa to an existing pool
  • Updated electrical and plumbing
  • New skimmer or Autofill
  • Energy-efficient, quiet, and easy to operate equipment
  • Automate to turn on your spa or pool from your phone or computer

Is your pool equipment difficult to operate? Are your valves confusing? You can operate your spa from your phone! An equipment upgrade, such as a variable drive pump, can save on your utility bills and operate as quiet as a whisper. Some of our customers have experienced savings of up to $100 per month on a new pump! A new reliable more efficient heater can save your party, family or guests coming over to use the spa. A salt system can make your water feel silky smooth. Contact us today to learn more!


Pool Renovation
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